May Day

by Dana Murphy

Posted on May 1, 2018 — Murphy Mail

Happy May Day

When May comes around, you know spring and campaign season are in full gear!

The last couple of months, we've seen a massive groundswell of support from every part of Oklahoma. Our ability to bridge rural and urban Oklahoma is driving our campaign to the forefront for Lt. Governor.

With under 2 months until Election Day, we need your support now more than ever. We are getting into crunch time. Donate today to make a big impact on the first of the month for our great state!

We've been hitting the airwaves hard this month!

Check out my Weatherford radio interview here.

Read and listen to my interview with the Ron Hayes Ag Network here.

I hope you will join #TeamDana as it is the collective efforts of many donors and volunteers that all add up together for a win on June 26th! Thanks for your continued support to my Lt. Governor campaign!

Happy May Day!


You can donate by clicking HERE or by completing a contributor form and sending it with your check to: Friends of Dana Murphy 2018, P.O. Box 7552, Edmond, OK 73083.
Want to be a volunteer? Join our team by clicking HERE!

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