Dana's Public Service

Dana Murphy

Born in Woodward, Oklahoma to a family involved in farming, ranching and the petroleum industry. Having grown up at our ranch taught me the value of a hard day’s work and instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude for the blessing of being raised in a loving family. With their support, I excelled as a college athlete at Central State University and later graduated from Oklahoma State University with honors. My career began as a Petroleum Geologist for over 10 years.

My family encouraged me to do more and be more. I worked as a law clerk while attending night law school at Oklahoma City University where I was on the Honor Roll and awarded for my work ethic and performance. During the next period of my life, I served as an administrative law judge, a consulting geologist, and ran a private law practice in Edmond, Oklahoma. Once again, my family encouraged me to do more, but this time to truly give back to Oklahoma for the opportunities it had provided me.

Since 2009, I have served as your Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner where I have worked diligently to solve issues that affect our oil and gas industry, transportation, utility rates, public safety, property and the environment. I traveled the state and have now put over 180,000 miles on my little blue truck by going to communities around Oklahoma to listen to people, to speak at events, conduct town hall meetings and visit with folks just like you. I have and will continue to travel around the state at no cost to the taxpayers simply because I feel it is the right thing to do especially during these challenging economic times facing our state. This experience has served Oklahoma well and has prepared me to serve as your lieutenant governor and move this position beyond its traditional role.

I believe that you and I deserve a better Oklahoma. I have the experience, relationships, proven commitment, and desire to make the lives of Oklahomans better.
I am Proven to lead and ready to serve!