Dana's Advocates

I am amazed by Dana's tireless and purposeful dedication to finding the right answers for the issues that are facing our state. She will set a course to make Oklahoma the exceptional state that we love and champion! She has my vote!

Saundra Naifeh

I've known Dana for a very long time. I've seen how successful she is at anything she attempts. She was the best title attorney I've ever worked with and she could be wildly successful still doing that today. But she has chosen, instead, to run for public office so she can serve the state she loves. And I respect that. I will continue to give Dana my full support because I believe she is doing this for all the right reasons, and because I have no doubt she will make an excellent Lt. Governor.

Bob Brock

After knowing Dana both personally and professionally, we can say with confidence that she is equipped to lead Oklahoma with integrity, professionalism, and tenacity. Dana doesn't just talk, she listens. Oklahoma needs exactly the kind of skills she will bring to the position of lieutenant governor, and we believe that she will redefine the role. Dana knows budgets, jobs, and economic development as she's built her own business. Join us in voting DANA MURPHY for Oklahoma's Lt. Governor!

Lou and Wes Watkins, OSU A&M Board of Regents and Retired US House of Representatives Congressman (respectively)

Dana Murphy has been a great, hard-working public servant and she will be an excellent Lt. Governor. She has the vision, the experience, and most of all the heart to work hard everyday for the betterment of Oklahoma and her fellow Oklahomans. She is guided by faith and doing the right thing and I have faith in her to help Oklahoma during its hour of need in so many ways. Her integrity and resilience are what we need.

Jim A. Roth, Director and Chair of Phillips Murrah Clean Energy Practice Group

Dana Murphy is my choice for Lt. Governor! She has been an outstanding public servant while serving as an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, providing leadership and inspiring confidence in the regulatory process. She has also helped create a transparent regulatory environment that promotes economic development in our great state. Dana is tireless in her work and cultivates high morale and performance among those she works with. She would provide Oklahoma with the leadership our state needs as our next Lieutenant Governor.

Tom Schroedter, Tulsa, OK

Dana will be an outstanding Lt Governor just as she has been excellent in the Corporation Commission for so long. I’ve known her for many years and have seen her strength and dedication over and over again. She doesn’t do anything half way!

Judie Ellis

I have personally known Dana and her family for decades. Having worked with her and her family for many years, I know the strong work ethic and dedication to do a job to the best of her ability is practiced in every facet of her life. I believe Dana has been a fair and honest Chairman of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in what has been a trying time for the Commission. These things, along with her strong conservative and Christian values lead me to believe she is by far the best candidate to be our next Lieutenant Governor.

Steve Reynolds

Dana Murphy is a tireless public servant. She has been a staunch supporter of business on the Corporation Commission and I believe she would be an excellent Lieutenant Governor. Please give her your vote!

Paula Marshall, Tulsa

Dana is what Oklahoma needs in these trying and difficult times. She has proven time and time again her strength, determination, commitment and passion for this great state. Oklahoma will continue to benefit from her incredible leadership and service. As a friend, she is most loyal and dedicated. Oklahoma will continue to be blessed with Dana as our next Lt. Governor!

Angie LaPlante, Edmond

I have known Dana for 20 years. She is passionate about Oklahoma. Instead of being a career politician, Dana came from the private sector and felt it was her calling and duty to help make Oklahoma a better place to live and work. She has done great work at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and she will make a great Lieutenant Governor.

Steve Long

Dana Murphy is the kind of Leader we need in public office. She is fearless in doing what is right without concern for political ramifications. She is fair, impartial, and extremely knowledgeable. No one will out work her, ever!

Mike Cantrell

I have so much admiration for Dana. I have been in County Government for over 20 years. Dana understands the process and cares, she knows the struggles for rural counties. Dana is already a huge asset to our State, her leadership and abilities are needed.

Lisa Roberson, Jackson County Assessor

Dana Murphy is truly a servant leader. There is nothing about her leadership that points to her, but completely points to the people. I know from experience that Dana cares for individuals and prays for them. I'm thankful for who she is as a person, her consistency, and her sacrifice. I know she will make an excellent Lt. Governor.

Matt Schinske

Dana's the kind of leader who brings people together, who helps them find solutions to problems. That's a different approach to leadership than a lot of people take.

Rita Aragon, Major General (Ret) USAF

I've seen Dana Murphy work in the best of times and the worst of times, and I can assure you I've never seen anyone address adversity, take it on, and work through it anymore successfully than she can.

Todd Hiett, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner

I have known Dana Murphy for over 20 years. She is an extraordinarily hardworking, conscientious, and dedicated Oklahoman, having spent many years as an Administrative Law Judge and now, 9 years as a Corporation Commissioner. This knowledge, experience, and ability to work with all sides of competing interests leads me to believe she would make an excellent choice for Lieutenant Governor. I plan to vigorously support her for that position!

Steve Agee, Dean and Professor of Economics, Meinders School of Business, Oklahoma City University

Dana is such an effective public servant. I know her love for this state. After all her years as one of our state commissioners, I know she can continue to make a difference in our state as Lieutenant Governor. I am grateful she is my friend as well!

Pastor Robyn Thompson-Goggs, Church of the Servant

We support Dana Murphy because we know firsthand how dedicated she has been as our Corporation Commissioner. Dana demonstrates high character and is willing to work on both sides of the isle to better the state of Oklahoma and all of the residents. We endorse Dana as our next Lt. Governor and you won’t be disappointed if you support her as well. If you are interested in a new kind of leadership for the future of Oklahoma, then Dana is your only choice.

Bob and Sherry Quiring

Dana Murphy has an incredible passion for the state of Oklahoma and for those who live here. Her work ethic and intelligence are unmatched. She will be an amazing Lt. Governor of our great state.

Cheryl Vaught, Vaught & Conner, PLLC

We learned about Dana during her campaign for Corporation Commission in 2008, and have followed her career in news articles and on television ever since. We are always impressed by the way she represents the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and the state of Oklahoma. She will bring outstanding character, wise decision-making, and trusted leadership to the role of Lt. Governor. Please vote for Dana, because she is the right person for the job!

Rick and Sonja Pound, Midwest City, OK