Guthrie News Leader: Murphy Makes a Campaign Stop in Guthrie E-mail
Monday, 21 July 2008 01:00

Corporation Commission candidate Dana Murphy, R-Edmond, made a campaign stop in Guthrie Tuesday. She spent the majority of the day with city officials before speaking at the Guthrie Kiwanis meeting Tuesday evening.

"I've been everywhere. I've put right at 13,000 miles on this little truck that I'm driving since the end of February. I live in Edmond. I feel like Guthrie is my next door neighbor so to speak," Murphy said. "It's about going to all the communities. I try to go everywhere and meet either city managers or mayors or chambers of commerce or some of the business leaders so they can become familiar with me and I learn more about their community." Murphy said one of the challenges of this campaign has been to talk to people about the responsibilities of a Corporation Commissioner while introducing herself and her platform.

"When you think about it, the majority of Oklahomans don't even know what the Corporation Commission does, but it affects their lives every day," she said.

If elected, Murphy said she would like to see changes in the Corporation Commission that would make the office more open to the public.

"Some of the things I think that need to be done are things need to be more streamlined in the Corporation Commission. We need to go more towards becoming a paperless agency where you can file more of your permits and applications via the internet. I think we need to have more accessibility to information by the public. It can be very difficult right now to find information on the website. I think we need to make better use of personnel and become more efficient in the way of tax dollars. One of the things I'd really like to see us do as well is help promote and encourage energy development as well as creating a greater public awareness of what the commission does and help promote energy conservation. Those are some of the things I see that a commissioner can do," she said.

She also spoke about energy and conservation. "I speak a lot about energy because that's what's on the forefront of everyone's mind. It's giving people an idea of what's going on in Oklahoma as far as drilling and development, what's happening in the wind power area, talking about what the corporation commission actually does, why it's important to make sure that we elect people that have background and knowledge of the Corporation Commission and kind of rallying the troops for Oklahoma," she said.

The Oklahoma native worked as a geologist for 10 years and as an administrative law judge at the Corporation Commission for more than five years before returning to private practice in title, regulatory practice and oil and gas litigation.

"The administrative law judge basically hears the testimony and evidence of a lot of the cases that come before the commission. They make a recommendation to the corporation commissioners. They may go along with the recommendation or they may reverse it or modify it in some way," she said. Murphy is seeking the two year term of Denise Bode, who has resigned, as is Rob Johnson, R-Oklahoma City, and Jim Roth, D-Oklahoma City.


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