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Thursday, 08 July 2010 23:14

Dear Friends,


Hope all of you had a wonderful July 4th despite some unusually rainy and cloudy weather! The flags, patriotic shirts, music and so many other reminders caused me to specially reflect over the past days about what it means to be an American including how I appreciate our troops and being able to worship the God I love freely. Our country faces many challenges, but I always have hope for America, just as our founding fathers did when they overcame so much to help create our Nation in the first place! They put their beliefs into action to make a difference, just as we can do too!


They say everyone loves a parade, but that likely means on a sunny day, not a day when the rain is pouring down! The rain cut the Bethany Centennial Freedom Festival Parade short, but the rain stayed at bay earlier in the day so the Edmond LibertyFest Parade was almost finished when the rain came. Thanks to my friends and family for helping with these two parades and the July 4th parade in Laverne!


You can check out the photos from the parades and recent events that I continue to share on my website and on Facebook from events across the state by going to: http://www.danamurphy.com/on-the-trail-mainmenu-32.html I also hope you will continue to check out my weekly podcasts at: http://www.danamurphy.com/dana-speaks-murphymedia-58.html Soon, you will also be hearing my radio commercials which will be hitting the airwaves soon as well.


As many of you might know, a decision was made in one of the biggest cases pending in the utility sector this week involving smart meters. Unlike the majority, I favored a more measured approach to the further roll out of smart meters where there would be more oversight and accountability for cost savings, security and privacy issues as well as dealing with other problems that might arise as has occurred in other states. While I am supportive of measures that save the consumers on electricity costs by giving them more control and those that help the utilities provide more reliability and create efficiency in their systems, I think it is more important than ever to have verified results of pilot programs and less estimation. Here is a portion of my comments from: http://www.occeweb.com/SmartMeter/07-01-10SMART1.pdf


My comments: "This agreement pre-approves $220 million in ratepayer dollars for a project that has yet to prove itself, and no one knows if the actual total price tag may be higher in the end," said Murphy. "As an alternative approach, I proposed that the program and cost recovery be phased-in gradually in stages. This would lessen the immediate impact to the consumer's bill, and would enable review of verifiable data from each phase before going on to the next. Substantiation of data on such concerns as privacy and security as well as cost savings would serve to assure the customer that the program is working and they are getting what they pay for. This can be structured to meet the timeline demands of the federal grant.


http://www.occeweb.com/SmartMeter/SmartMeter.html or at http://www.occeweb.com/Windfarm/windfarm.html



918 Area Code Exhaust Update - You may have received or will be receiving a notice in your July telephone bill from your telephone provider that gives you information regarding the start of the permissive dialing period for 10-digit dialing on August 7, 2010. This means you may continue to use 7 digits or you can start using 10 digits in making a local call up until March 5, 2011 when 10 digit dialing will be required. There will be no change in what is a local call or a long distance call.


If you are interested in a yard sign, push cards or bumper stickers, those are available now at the State GOP headquarters and at most local county party headquarters as well. You can also contact us about these materials at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Since there is no Democrat running for this seat, in just 22 days this election will be over. Thanks to so many of you who have sent an initial or additional contribution this week...over $13,000 was received in just the last seven days! If you have not yet contributed, I hope you will now and if you have contributed, but you can give a little more, I hope you will do so. A contributor slip can be printed directly from my website and mailed with your donation or you can make a donation directly on-line at: http://www.danamurphy.com/donate-supportdana-42.html


I plan to work harder than ever in the remaining 22 days to stay on the job as your Corporation Commissioner. Thanks for ALL your efforts on my behalf and most of all for your vote on July 27th!


God Bless,

Your Commissioner, Dana


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